Affordable Costa Azul building lot.

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$ 43500 Sale
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Simon Hall
Simon Hall
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Land Plot
Cabarete, Costa Azul
$ 43500 Sale

Close to the beach and perfect for kiting.  Just wander down to the ocean in the afternoon and enjoy one of the best water sports beaches in the Caribbean. 

The lot is 1500 square meters, ample for a house and a generous garden and pool.

Costa Azul is a gated community with gated access and security personnel patrolling the area 24 hours per day.

When looking at the pictures, the lot is on the other side of the small street opposite the chain link fence.  The fence is to be replaced with a high solid wall prior to the construction of a day school with alternative access (not through the project),

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Kite beach, Cabarete
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1500 M²

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